What do you Like and what do you Dislike? And at the end of day, does it matter? A critical overview of how our likes and dislikes have been deified and the effect the Like-culture has had on our psychology. With Sheila Willson PhD, Mark Lombardo PhD, Melissa Halligan PhD and Bruce Rubenstein MD.

An exploration of how the story of the enlightenment of Siddharta can inform and inspire the psychotherapeutic process. With Bruce Rubenstein MD, Sheila Willson PhD, Jeremy Orgel MD, Mark Lombardo PhD and Melissa Halligan PhD

What is transference and countertransference? Are they real and if so, are they relevant in psychotherapy? With Bruce Rubenstein MD, Melissa Halligan PhD, Sheila Willson PhD and Jeremy Orgel MD

The psychological and psychiatric manifestations of Covid-19. With Bruce Rubenstein MD, Sheila Willson PhD, Helen Nichols PhD, Cassandra Beltran, Katie Coniff LCPC-S, Ethlynne Thomas and Maried Gutierrez