Telemedicine & Therapy

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What is Tele-psych and Telemedicine?

Telepsych is another modality of telemedicine, where all meetings are conducted via your computer, tablet or smart phone.  Telemedicine offers several unique advantages over face-to-face meetings. The first and most obvious advantage is one of convenience. There is no travel time and one can have sessions in the privacy and comfort of one’s home. A more important advantage is that individuals are seen in their own environment which more accurately reflects one’s life. Studies have clearly demonstrated that telemedicine results in greater satisfaction and better results.

A Guaranteed First Appointment Within One Week, Often Within Days

Individuals who schedule an initial consultation are guaranteed to be seen within one week, and usually within several days of making contact. This initial comprehensive evaluation lasts 50 minutes.

Follow-up medication visits of roughly 15 minutes occur once every three months. Follow-up psychotherapy visits are 45 minutes in duration.

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Affordable Fees

Dr. Rubenstein does not participate in-network with insurance companies. Payments are made via credit card. If patients have out-of-network benefits with their insurance plans, they will be provided with the necessary form to submit for reimbursement. In addition, Dr. Rubenstein’s services qualify for payment from a Health Savings Account (HSA) or a health Flexible Spending Account (FSA). Patients with Medicare who agree to pay privately can be seen however the fees are not eligible for Medicare reimbursement.

  • Initial Consultation:   $375
  • Follow-up meetings:  $225
  • Talk Psychotherapy meetings with/without medications (45 minutes):  $350

Dependable Frequency That You Can Count On

Subsequent medication visits occur once every three months. Once stabilized, patients are not required to have more than four medication follow up visits per year unless they request additional sessions. In between visits, patients may contact Dr. Rubenstein by phone or via messaging in the Patient Portal. There is no charge for communications between visits.

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Dual Therapy for Optimal Care

Dual Therapy is for individuals who receive treatment from both a separate talk psychotherapist and medication treatment from a psychiatrist. In order to provide patients with completely integrated and coordinated care rather than the “split therapy model” that currently prevails, upon request Dr. Rubenstein can schedule and conduct all of your follow-up medication visits during your psychotherapy visit, with your psychotherapist physically present.